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P³ Group News


Pulsed Power Plasmas Group joins Cornell-led Center of Excellence in HED Physics.



The UCSD Pulsed Power Plasmas (P3) Group has joined the NNSA sponsored "Center for Pulse Power-driven High Energy Density Plasmas" as a new partner.


The Center, first established in 2002, is run under the auspices of the Cornell Laboratory of Plasma Studies in collaboration with researchers at five partner institutions: University of California, San Diego; Princeton University; Imperial College in London; Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel; and P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow. Over the present 5 year, $11M program, the Center will investigate magnetized high-energy density plasmas for application in liner-based z-pinch fusion issues, gas-puff radiation sources, shock propagation and equation of state studies, and laboratory astrophysics through both experimental and computational studies.


The UCSD group will lead the development of wire array z-pinch systems to study shockless compression and radiative shock generation in low density media, as well as carry out detailed examinations of hydrodynamic shocks in dense plasma flows where radiation loss plays a significant role.




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